Why Ash Street? Our value proposition

image-broken barn door

Building your own Barn Door is really not that difficult; assuming you have the tools, time and patience.

Why Ash Street? 

We assume that you would butt join all the wood together, unless you are an experienced wood worker and can tongue-and-groove all the parts.  

Ash Street wood components are processed on our CnC and feature tongue-and-groove construction to avoid wood shrinkage and the resulting gaps between the planks that will develop over time.

You will also need to; (some people don’t take this into consideration) 

1. Sketch out your door

2. Determine quantity of wood required

3. Drive to the Lumber Yard

4. Pick up the wood

5. Stand in line at the checkout

6. Load your car

7. Drive back home

8. Haul the wood inside

9. Set up your saw 

10.Take the 3 or 4 hours needed to correctly measure and cut your wood

11. Assemble the door

a) Assuming you remember to pick up the right screws to put it all together?

b) Assuming you cut all the wood correctly?

If you said no to 11a or 11b;  start over at number 3


With an Ash Street Door; you can avoid all of this and start at number 11

And yes, we will send you the right screws :-)