Town & Country Unassembled Barn Door Kit, KD Series, Z-Style in Mahogany



The Ash Street “Z-Style” Barn Door is a time-honored classic.  Adds one long angled plank to create a bold look. Order yours today!  

Note: All patterns appear on one side only; typically room side.  The wall side is smooth, not patterned.


  • Mahogany * as shown
  • also available in Alder (Knotty), Pine and  Walnut  (Knotty)


  • Bathrooms | Bedrooms | Closets | Laundry Rooms


  • 30"W x 81"H  | 30"W x 85"H  | 30"W x 97"H 
  • 36"W x 81"H  | 36"W x 85"H  | 36"W x 97"H 
  • 42"W x 81"H  | 42"W x 85"H  | 42"W x 97"H
  • 48"W x 81"H  | 48"W x 85"H  | 48"W x 97"H
  • 60"W x 81"H  | 60"W x 85"H  | 60"W x 97"H

Our unassembled barn door kit is perfect for the "Do-it-Yourself" enthusiast or your on-site carpenter. All wood components ship ready for staining or paint. Supplied with the necessary screws and detailed instructions for quick assembly.

All of our Barn Door Kits feature a tongue and groove joint.  A time honored woodwork joint that attaches two or more pieces of wood planks together.

Each piece of wood has a tongue side and a groove side. The tongue and the groove each run the entire length of the piece. One tongue fits snugly into the groove of the adjoining board.

Our Tongue & Groove creates a strong and aesthetically pleasing joint; easy to assemble with fewer parts. 

This item ships in 5-7 working days from date of order.
Add 3 working days for staining.


Order your Ash Street Barn Door Kit today!


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